1992 Toyota Soarer GTL 2.5 twin turbo


Great quality, bang for performance buck!


Dash cluster (the infamous 'blinky dash'), crumbling door trims.

Other than that I honestly can't think of anything...

General Comments:

The Soarer Twin Turbo got me into LOTS of trouble - the performance is terrific. As the revs mount, the 'hand of God' pushes you back into the seat and you leave just about anything way behind. I surprised WRX's, Holden HSV drivers, Porches, AMG's on many occasions - and all this from a $15K Japanese import.

In the wet? Watch out! the car is unashamedly tail happy, and I had to tip toe it around traffic circles, away from lights, corners...

Styling was timeless. My car was well looked after, and the paint gleamed - I would catch other drivers checking it out often.

I truly loved this car, and if it had been a manual, I would still have it...

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Review Date: 14th January, 2010

1992 Toyota Soarer 2.5L Twin turbo


Reliable performance in comfort


Central locking lost power

Heat damage to climate control

Boots struts have gone weak.

General Comments:

When compared to a commodore the same age this car is miles ahead. Fully optioned, no rust, no faded paintwork and still looks modern.

Low maintenance, I change the oil, oil filter and air filter every five thousand kilometers and had no mechanical faults since I brought the car. Soarer's automatically tune themselves to the way you drive and the fuel you use, making this car easy and cheap to service.

Has plenty of power if you wish to take the car out on track-days or the drags and comfort for daily driving to work or take the kids to school, making the soarer the perfect car for the dad who like to have fun on the weekends.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2004

28th Jan 2010, 08:29

I have owned my V8 Soarer for 10 years now, and it was built in 1994 and it has never failed an MOT. The quality of the car is unbelievable. Stainless steel exhaust, zinc plated body panels. Awesome stereo unit (built by Cambridge Audio). Parts are easy to obtain, as most parts are the same as the Toyota Supra. Buy one now.

All the best, Alan.