1994 Toyota Soarer GT-t 2.5 Lt twin turbo


Great car for anyone looking for power and luxury


Turbo has blown when car was owned for just 4 months. Repaired under car sales warranty $1823.00.

Diff failed two weeks ago 12/03/06. Has since been repaired. $820.00.

Get error with dash display in wet weather.

General Comments:

When looking for a car, kept my mind and options open. did not want to spend a fortune, but wanted power and luxury. The soarer fit the requirements beautifully. Spent $14000 on car.

Fantastic car to drive, ride and handling are exceptional. Power a plenty if you want to give it a boot full of gas. Fuel efficient with general around town driving. Average 12klms per litre around town. Took it to an area where I could put it through it's paces. Fuel economy dropped dramatically getting 8 Klms per litre when averaged out.

The car looks good, and people comment about the feel they get riding in the car. It is a head turner without the noise and attention grabbing spoilers and graphics. It holds it own if you want to get silly and race off from the lights. Many a commodore and ford are left behind from the lights, V8's included.

I would highly recommend the car to anyone wanting to have a vehicle that performs as well as gives the added luxury appeals of ride and finish. I have the luxury model soarer, so it has quite a few Lexus add ons with the more potent 2.5 litre six cylinder motor with the twin turbos for that extra boost when needed.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 26th March, 2006