1984 Toyota Supra 2.8lt inline six


Very unique and stylish car, but unreliable


Torque converter, mechanic said just from usual wear and tear and wouldn't need replacing again.

Blew 2 head gaskets, warping the head both times. 2nd gasket was a faulty part and replaced for free. Discovered after the second one that these cars are renowned for blowing head gaskets.

Car was written off about a month ago, but had been having problems with the transmission. When first started it wouldn't go into gear until it had warmed up for a minute or two.

Only had 2 rear speakers I believe and they were terrible.

Air conditioning didn't work, I knew this when I bought it and didn't get it fixed.

General Comments:

Other than above problems this was a great car.

I think it was well ahead of its time with power windows, power mirrors, cruise control, climate control.

Very unique car, not many around which I liked. Also had an aftermarket paint job which was in very good condition.

Wasn't real quick off the mark, but I put that down to age. Had sufficient power cruising along the highway with it not feeling like it was working to hard going up long hills.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 7th March, 2005