1985 Toyota Supra 2.8 Litre straight six


A mega-reliable touring car


The radiator gave out at 215,000 km's. Had it reconditioned.

The master cylinder for the clutch leaked twice, once at 202,000 km's and the second time at 220,000.

The ignition coil slowly 'conked' out (at 220,000), eventually causing a costly string of faults in the ignition system.

Air conditioning unit lost some gas (at 225,000), but this was mainly due to little use.

Power steering sprung a leak at 226,000 km's. Costly to repair.

General Comments:

Beautiful car, really reliable. And when something went wrong with the car, it was usually minor and you could drive for months while it had the problem, (I recommend that you fix any fault as soon as possible though, otherwise it all adds up).

Handles corners really well, but it is not classed as a sports car, as it isn't all that fast acceleration-wise. Get the automatic version if you can find one.

One of the nicest looking cars out there, especially the Aussie compliance model (with the flared wheel guards).

This car was a little thirsty on the petrol (14 litres/Km, or 20 mpg). But it's worth it, and better than the later model Supra's.

Watch out when you have to replace any part, especially if it isn't a part of the engine. The prices are sky-high! (And avoid any car that has a targa top).

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Review Date: 19th April, 2003

1985 Toyota Supra L 5ME, 2.8L straight 6, fuel injected


If it was wiped out I'd get another just like it


The entire drive train needs attention:

-Differential grinds when turning sharply.

-There's some play in the Universal Joint causing a "clunk" when applying power.

-The back left Constant Velocity Joint rumbles and vibrates at low (below 20km/h) speed.

The left hand Power Window Motor appears to be dead.

General Comments:

The body is close to immaculate, still shiny black, a single spot of rust on one of the bottom door seams. No leaks in the sunroof, no leaks in the hatch.

The engine and bay are clean enough to eat off, no leaks whatsoever.

The engine seems to be in good condition, it's easy to spin the wheels in second gear even with 245/50 tires on the back (no wonder the drive train problems). Doesn't seem too hard on fuel consumption tho'.

The seats are comfortable, especially the drivers seat with pneumatic lumbar support controls. With all the available adjustments you can set the seat up like you're strapped into a cockpit.

All the electronic options still work (bar the left window). Sound system is stock, but good enough to not bother upgrading. Digital dash display is still all go.

Heaps of room for carting stuff in the back. No problem getting my 3 year old daughter in and out of her booster seat.

The long bonnet with the low seating position took some getting used to, even with my head brushing the roof.

It's fun to drive when you want it, effortless when you're not in the mood. I'm sure I'll be pulled over any day now.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2002