1994 Toyota Supra SSZ-R 2JZ-GE


Race car with Corolla reliability


- Rattle from rear hatch

- Starting engine died.

General Comments:

- The Supra is a beautiful car, you'll turn heads where ever you go.

- It's built like a tank, you will never have a problem with reliability with this car even if you neglect it a little.

- The non-turbo version has very poor acceleration unless launched at higher revs (but who wants to do that everyday). Very comfortable at high speeds.

- It's quite comfortable, but not the most comfortable car you'll ever sit in.

- No cup holders is a bummer

- The handling is excellent, you'll be able to throw your supra around tight corners at high speed you would would never thought physically possible.

- Rear seats are tiny, but if you need a car to transport people all the time, this isn't the car for you.

- Visibility is poor at your blind spot.

- Braking is phenomenal

- Fuel consumption is OK depending on how you drive it. I've done up to 570 kilometers on a full tank of 91 octane regular unleaded.

- Easily to drive.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2007

9th Mar 2008, 05:15

OMG you're using standard unleaded???

14th Jan 2009, 15:08

Haha, he said 91 Octane, you're probably thinking of 87 or something. :)

1994 Toyota Supra RZ 3.0TT


Best Japanese car ever built!


Gearbox needed overhaul.

Flywheel warp.

A/C causes engine to overheat in summer due to inadequate stock inter-cooler.

General Comments:

Fabulous car to drive.

Endless torque.

Effortless power all the way to 280km/h.

Dash "cockpit" is one of the best interiors of any car under $100,000.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2005