2000 Toyota Tarago ACR30 2.4 litre petrol


In most cases these are great cars and are comfortable and reliable; I'd love a new one


The previous owner had totally cooked the engine by towing a heavy item.

Bought the car in good faith that the fan belt needed replacing, however, after replacing that and getting a really good service I found that it was burning oil a huge rate.

The previous owner had topped it up with fresh oil just before I visited to look at buying the car.

I have had an Estimata which is the UK version of this car, an earlier model and diesel too, and that was simply one of the best cars for reliability and comfort that I have ever bought, so I bought the newer version.

If it had been cared for properly and hadn't been flogged I would really like it; I have since put a reconditioned engine in and it runs well.

I'd buy a new one if I had the money. Time will tell if I have any more problems, but from past experience I shouldn't now have any reliability issues.

General Comments:

In most uses they are a great car, comfortable, and fast on the freeway.

They do get through bit of petrol, but they are a big car.

Air con works lovely and it's smooth and comfortable to drive.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2018

1997 Toyota Tarago 2.4 petrol


Basically a good thing


Rear shocks at 140,000 km.

Paint on roof shot at around at around 10 years old.

Dashboard cracks when I bought it (13 years old).

Rust above sliding door (recently).

Central locking going crazy, locking and unlocking itself.

Oil seal gone on engine, smelly (at 140,000).

Toyota badges have fallen off.

Glove box needs to be slammed shut.

General Comments:

Very good van mechanically, not many mechanical problems considering the age. Drives well, a little top heavy due to the van riding reasonably high. Handling is good for a van, steering OK although not terribly communicative. Seats are quite comfortable and don't have much wear. Doesn't use much oil, lose much power steering fluid, and the radiator rarely needs topping up.

Worst negative would be the paint. The metallic paint is totally shot on the roof. The dash is made out of cheap, hard plastic, which has cracks in it. Some of the interior plastic has been painted, and the paint has peeled off, resulting in a tacky look. I have heard the engine is hard to access too if you need any major mechanical work done.

All in all, considering the van is almost 17 years old, I am very happy with it. Very reliable mechanically.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2013

25th Jun 2015, 08:09

I'm the original reviewer checking in some two years later. I haven't put that many Km on the old girl in the last two years, and nothing further has gone wrong mechanically. I think the front shock absorbers need replacing though, as the van bounces up and down when say, exiting a driveway. Feels a bit like riding a bull, LOL.

I decided to replace auto fluids/filter as preventative maintenance; cheaper to replace it than a new auto transmission, which in effect, would write the old Tarago off.

At 18, the Tarago is now old enough to vote. But still going strong! I will hang onto her until she disintegrates; hopefully that day is far away.

18th Nov 2015, 03:35

Hello there,

I'm looking for something which I could sleep in, have my stuff in it, even a small fridge etc. Kind of a motor-home without the horrible price of them.

Would you give me an opinion about this?

Thanks, Laura.

2006 Toyota Tarago GLi 2.4L


Brilliant people-mover, totally reliable


Front tyres wore quickly.

Foot pedal handbrake took some getting used to - and rubber pad has slipped off the pedal and 'disappeared'.

Somewhat of a 'blind spot' in driver's forward vision with large side mirror and heavily molded quarter window making vision poor for cornering.

General Comments:

Very reliable car - would recommend it to anyone needing the extra seats - worth the extra money. Fuel consumption is high, but it is a large car.

Previous model (1993) we had for 13 years and 200,000 km - very reliable and low maintenance. Nothing major went wrong.

Heavy sliding doors now have magnetic catch to stay open - much safer for off-loading passengers on hills. Lack of second rear door in 1993 model was a problem. Now fixed.

Rear seat reconfiguration options not as good as 1993 model, but still makes large space for transporting furniture, bikes etc.

Very comfortable, very roomy.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2008