1977 Triumph Sprint


What will it be next?


Head gasket blew at 5,000 kms.

Again, at 25,000 kms.

The parcel shelves are constructed of a cheap black cardboard material and eventually rattle loose.

The gearbox ceased engaging during my first Aussie summer when the car was hot.

The car's rear thuds and vibrates whenever a full bore take-off is attempted.

The SU carburettors must be regularly topped up with oil if the car isn't to run like a dog.

Car overheats on a regular basis in hot Australian summers and a new radiator core and thermostat did nothing to improve things.

Thermo fan seized after 18 months.

General Comments:

I loved the handling. It skips at the rear when on the limit which is entertaining, but never unnerving.

The motor, when it ran, pulled like an English locomotive... about 8.5 seconds to 100 kph and torquey in every gear.

Economy was good to very good when the motor was going well. Up to 38 mpg on a sedate trip, 25 around town.

Interior comfort was generally good, but the limited rear suspension travel caused some jarring over less than perfect roads.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2004