2009 Volkswagen Passat R36 3.6


Serious sleeper... unassuming


Nothing, only a dead battery, which I replaced.

General Comments:

I really love this car, and due to the fact that this is the only car that I have owned with this level of refinement, I cannot really compare it to say a BMW or something of similar value.

Well appointed and probably the most comfortable car seats I have ever sat in; no backaches after long drives.

DSG gearbox is questionable and can feel a bit clumsy at times, but then in Sport mode it will blow away everything I have been next to from a standstill at the lights, so it has its fors and againsts.

I love the exhaust note and have no idea why people upgrade to another exhaust system.

Paint is of very good quality and buffs up well.

Hi beam could be brighter for a car of this quality.

I love the car, but could still see myself upgrading to an AUDI down the track and going back to a turbo powerplant over NA...

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 2nd August, 2016