2002 Volvo C70 2.3T


Absolutely fantastic! A lot of car for the money


Not much at all. Extremely reliable car.

Leaking heater core - Inexpensive fix.

Suspension struts - Replaced all 4 (to be expected).

Top engine mount worn and replaced, again inexpensive.

Also replaced the soft top, but that's to be expected given its age and the Australian sun.

General Comments:

Fantastic car to own and drive. Extremely well built and reliable car. Typical Volvo build quality and safety.

The engine (2.3L high pressure turbo) is extremely smooth, as is the auto transmission. 15000Kms after changing the motor oil, it still looks new and honey coloured. Not surprising that these engines easily last more than 300 thousand Kms if looked after.

The aircon unit is one of the best I have experienced, and the soft top works effortlessly with the push of a single button. There's nothing like driving with the top down on a warm summer evening, and with the optional wind deflector installed and the heated seats turned on, I even had the top down driving through the NSW snowfields in winter, and it was most enjoyable!

The car looks a million dollars, and good models can be bought for a fraction of their original AUD$98K price tag. This is the first Volvo that did away with the traditional box shape and it still gets looks. The options list is also excellent. Only things I've added are a Bluetooth handsfree kit and an iPod adapter. It's now as modern as any 2012 model :)

It feels more at home on long distance highway trips, but I find it's very good for commuting also. And it pulls like a train!

The engine produces 176KW and the 0-100Km/h time is around 7 seconds, which is extremely quick for a big heavy car like this.

Only negatives are:

- Huge truck-like turning circle (it really is a joke).

- Snail-pace slow moving electric seats (annoying for rear passengers when they want to get out).

- It's a little thirsty for top-shelf 98 RON, but that's true for all turbos.

- Cabin scuttle and shake. Again, typical for convertibles.

- Heavy car at nearly 1.6 tonnes, but that's the tradeoff for Volvo safety.

- Steering feel or lack thereof. A sharp-handling sports car it isn't (especially when compared to my previous Alfa). But again, it's big, heavy and safe, so it's a tradeoff.

If you like the looks (like I do) get one!! You will not regret it. They really are well designed and built luxury cars.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2012

1999 Volvo C70 T 2.4L turbo


Superb Style, Superb Performance, A Blend Of the Best, Good on ya Volvo!


The seats Have worn down around the edges with few cracks visible. Overall that is all that has gone wrong! and that is general wear and tear.

General Comments:

This car is a head turner, It blends luxury with a sporty engine and look, the C70 Turbocharged Convertible is comfortable in all weather, Although it has a turning circle of a Jumbo Jet the Handling around turns and in the wet is superb with all the Traction Control and features. A very nice interior with high standards for luxury. The Most Comfortable Convertible I know of, Although like any Convertible there's occasional "creaking" sounds when going over Bad Road Surfaces and Bumpy Roads, We Took it out west of Australia for a long 6 hour cruise and it was a bit bumpy with rattles here and there, though this is normal for convertibles and the excellent Audio System covered the rattles up and the Super Soft seats with seat warmers that hugs you kept us comfortable on the long trip.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2006

1998 Volvo C70 T5 T5 turbo


The T5 C70 - Cruising Power, Prestige, and Performance


Problems? hmmm, Well had three times its died on me. Twice had battery problems, the other was something that was ECU related. Some squeaking of the rear suspension. Everything was quickly fixed, suspension is being upgraded. Nothing really major apart from those.

General Comments:

This car is an unbelievable package. Dolby Digital 9 Speaker surround sound, leather and wood-grain interior, and killer looks. The T5 turbocharged engine also packs a mean punch. I am lucky enough to have been driving this car now for about a month and it is a brilliant hybrid of sports and luxury. The Sound System is absolutely awesome, and the turbo engine really gives you a lot of power all through the range, little to no lag here folks. However my only general grip with the car is it needs individual tuning for each car. Mine will undergo custom ECU tuning and will get new exhaust, new suspension and struts as well as some air intake mods. This will help the car stay running smoother more fuel efficient with more power and quicker acceleration. Apart from that this car is awesome. The looks are simply great and really turns heads. This is the car that changes people's view of Volvo, especially when your kicking the absolutely brilliant stereo. But this car is a definite sports cruiser, it's safe powerful and sweet for cruising, not the genuine sports car, but all in all this car is great value and a pleasure to drive. It has managed to capture my eye every single time I look at it, this car is a great all-round package.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2003