1997 Volvo S70 2.5 20V non-turbo


Last of the great Volvos


Nothing has gone wrong in my year and a half of ownership.

General Comments:

The S/V70s up till 2000 are, in my opinion, the last of the great Volvos. They have the general shape and feel of a 740/940, but with the larger and more powerful 5 cylinder DOHC engine. They are an improvement on the already strong 850, with slightly more refinement and a move away from the boxy and large black bumper style Volvo. Unfortunately they moved too far away from this old classic style after the S/V70.

I cannot fault the exterior. My car is, at 19 years old, nearly perfect. The paint has held well, nothing has broken, cracked or faded. From the outside it looks quite modern, despite being nearly two decades old.

The only fault of the interior is the glue that was used to hold the lining on the doors. The glue on nearly every one of these cars I have seen has come unstuck, and as a result the door lining inserts start to bubble. Other than that, it is a very comfortable and well appointed car. The leather seats are probably the most comfortable seats I have sat in, including the much newer cars that my partner, family and friends drive. It is a simple and elegant interior.

Performance and reliability are consistent with the "old" Volvo reputation. Apart from an average fuel consumption of 11.6 L/100 KM, I could not be happier with the engine. It is quiet, smooth and feels like a new car to drive. It has plenty of power for normal driving, and picks up quickly when needed for overtaking and alike. The automatic transmission changes up and down seamlessly. Basic servicing is simple, and with the right mechanic, cheap. Timing belt changes (absolutely necessary) are at 10 year or 100k intervals, which is reasonable.

I have also bought and sold a 1997 V70, exactly the same car but a wagon, while owning this one. It was a buy, do up and sell exercise for fun. That car had done 60k more and had a harsher life (from the service history and general wear and tear) and it still was fantastic. If I were to rate that car, I would say the same positives and negatives as this one.

I am an old Volvo person, I have an 82 244 and an 89 740. Love them to bits. I bought the S70 as my "new" car, thinking I wouldn't like it. But a year and a half on I couldn't be happier. It is the perfect blend of new refinement and old Volvo charm and reliability. I will, however, still keep my old Volvos too :).

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Review Date: 21st July, 2016

1998 Volvo S70 2.0 turbo


Great car, but expensive to maintain


AC not working correctly at 57000km. Leak in evaporator unit - unit replaced and AC recharged - repaired under warranty, but full cost $1400NZD.

Passenger side window motor problem 75000Km - new unit installed for $250NZD.

Faulty coolant level indicator at 75000km - cost to replace $56NZD.

86000km Car surging in idle and ETS light coming on - Volvo dealer could not correct, but local mechanic knew straight away what the problem was and fixed it - Cost $450NZD.

SRS light on 86000km - Clock spring in steering wheel had gone - part cost $600NZD and labour $350NZD.

SRS light on at 93000km - fault unknown at time of this review.

General Comments:

This is a great car that handles well and has great pick up. Cornering is sure footed with great grip.

Comfort levels are good with dual area AC, comfortable and roomy seats.

No cup holders!!!

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Review Date: 4th March, 2007

20th Jun 2014, 04:23

The cup holders are hidden in the armrest - they slide out! And there are two!