1993 Citroen AX GTi 1.4 petrol


A cheap fun car with really good performance and bad reliability


1. Brake discs and pads at 35,000km.

2. Several repairs of the engine wiring harness - intermittent fault in all cases - really a long time was necessary for troubleshooting - some cables were found to be corroded internally.

3. Engine air intake temperature sensor faulty.

4. Engine coolant temperature sensor faulty - delivers signal to the engine control unit.

5. 2nd engine coolant temperature sensor faulty - delivers signal to the coolant temperature indicator in the instrument panel.

6. Cylinder head gasket and valve stem oil seals replaced - now the engine has no oil consumption.

7. Cooling hose between the radiator and thermostat housing damaged - marten??

8. Seized front brake calliper.

9. New bulbs in the instrument panel.

General Comments:

The list of things that have gone wrong is really long and spare parts are too expensive, but most repairs and servicing I made myself - that prevents me becoming poor.

A really funny car - it allows you to drive like a go-kart.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2000

3rd Aug 2009, 14:56

So so true. It is like driving a go-kart!!! Wicked car.