1985 Maserati 425 2.5 biturbo


A diva!


Rust, rust, rust... everywhere! Car body looks like a ruin.

Turbos... at 120000km.

Rear wheels every 8000km.

Car electrics and electronics are a big problem.. sometimes the central locking system works, sometimes not.. wipers are the same... and once when I was driving on the motorway (speed about 180km/h) the lights turned off... bad surprise!!

General Comments:

This car is a diva... and you have to treat and to handle it like a diva... then it is fabulous!

The performance of the 425 is incredible. Looks like a rusty old Fiat... runs like a Ferrari. I love to see the surprised faces of Calibra- and 325i drivers after they got beaten by the 425.

Cabin is very luxurious. Every time I get in I am surprised it is a bit more beautiful than I remember.

Be damn careful if it is raining or snowing!!

The cabin is quite spacious and very comfortable for 4 persons.

Damn, the fuel consumption is a catastrophe!! It is NEVER under 13l/100km... and most of the time about 17l/100km... and the scale seems to have no end. Personal record: 25l/100km.

If you want to buy one... spend your holidays in Italy and buy it there. Maseratis are damn cheap there, but be careful... most of them are ready to throw away.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 5th July, 2001