1978 Morris Marina SDL 1.3


A lot more charismatic than you would believe!


Clutch assembly - juddering, very hard to cure.

Clutch hydraulics.

Head gasket and valves burnt.

Alternator changed two times.

Driving lights went off at 50mph - no fault found.

Rear brake cylinders leaking.

Steering rack went, probably due to bad maintenance.

Worst: Cable from the battery to the starter motor began to glow at a filling station!

Fuse box suffered from a leaking windscreen.

General Comments:

Seemed at bit abused by former keepers and had some built-in faults, but nevertheless a nice car for a young student. Despite many faults, it never really let me down.

Sold the car to a friend at "the end of a repairing row", but it then went more than 100000km without any major fault. Sadly sent to crusher in 1990 due to it being uneconomic to repair rust holes.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 15th October, 2008