1992 Opel Astra GL Station Wagon 1.4 petrol C14NZ


A spacious slug prone to corrosion


Water pump failed.

Rear shock absorbers leaked (replaced under warranty).

Hazard switch failed.

Stop light switch failed.

Rocker cover gasket leaked.

Toothed belt jumped over a few teeth.

Corrosion: rear door, side panels of trunk, rear wheel arches, doors.

General Comments:

Corrosion is terrible on this car. After six years there were punctures in the rear wheel arches and the rear door. Although a lot of welding was done on the car under the warranty against corrosion for €6100 (!), it is coming again. The only advantage is its spaciousness, e.g. you can fit five bicycles inside with the rear seats folded forward.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2002