1983 Rover - Austin Metro MG 1.3


Indeed a real MG!


Bought the car new - absolute inferior dealership.

Blew off several exhaust manifold clamps.

Exhaust broke.

Engine went with 8000km, shortly after my ownership. Took six weeks to replace the engine.

2000km further gearbox went - case exploded and box internals laid on the street... with fortunately no harm to persons or other goods.

General Comments:

Apart from the engine/gearbox incident, a marvelous car. Superb road-holding, second to none at that time.

Very economical, would be OK even now in comparison with modern euro-boxes.

Nice finish.

Acceptable comfort for small wheels/wheelbase.

Can be regarded as real MG - created by humble origins and refined to a special car with modest outlay.

Sadly let down by a completely inadequate dealership.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 15th October, 2008