1996 Alfa Romeo 155 Trofeo S 1.8 Twin Spark


A unique car doesn't need to be expensive


Not much for an Alfa of that age:

The engine hood sometimes refuses to open.

The boot release switch (from the glove box) works now and then (now it doesn't).

Rubber seals passenger side don't always keep the water out (or noise for that matter). I once left my car in the rain and came back to find the passenger seat completely drenched.

The gearbox lever needed some grease as it started to make strange sounds.

Handbrake gets stuck easily during cold nights (under 0 deg C)

Generally a lot of squeaks coming from everywhere in the cabin...

General Comments:

Overall very satisfied. The car is cheap to buy for what it is, it's different than the majority of buyers, and still looks good for an 8 year old vehicle.

Performance is excellent: engine at its best past 3,000 rpm (and sounds better after that), car set up is ideal for fast corners. Never got in the situation where I had to correct my trajectory in a fast bend, the opposite actually: felt I could give some extra throttle!

Noise at speed (120km/h and above) is terrible! Better get a good sound system to cover that up...

Quite uncomfortable over.. well, over anything actually, but makes up with handling.

Brakes are strong, although got them changes recently (disc's + pads) and are now terribly loud (garage forgot to grease the disc's).

Basically, although a 4 door, this car is no family car. Buy it to enjoy yourself, not to drive the wife and kids around... they won't appreciate the stiff suspension and engine noise. Pedals are stiff, but you get used to it.

Petrol consumption is very high, in town or highway: Under 10 l/100km is an achievement, although the average is more like 12-13 l/100km.

Apart from that, this is a great car to drive: it looks different than the rest (BMW's, Audi's etc.), sounds special (Twin Spark), and gets you there at really decent speed.

I never regretted buying it, and would recommend it strongly if you're passionate about what you drive. This car definitely puts a smile on your face, even on the Monday morning drive to work!

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Review Date: 12th November, 2004

4th Aug 2010, 01:32

Smile on the face is absolutely right! Mine is a 155, w/body with 8v 2.0.. She's almost 14 years now, but the ride is still very much at heart.

1993 Alfa Romeo 155 V6 2.5 petrol


High-performance wolf in sheep's clothing


My car had been off the road for 5 years when I bought it, so during the first 6 months, the fuel pump blew, leeking hoses, radiator and some other stuff.

After 2 years the stepper motors of the climate control unit failed.. This is VERY expensive.. Don't want that to happen again

After this it's been as reliable as a swiss watch.. Now after 10 years a bit surface rust is starting to show up, but this will be taken care off.

General Comments:

It is a better car than a 156. I drive a 156 1.9 JTD, and it's no comparison, it handles like it is on really, lots of power, and great sound. They don't make cars like this anymore ;)

Great car to annoy BMW's :)

And I like the design, even after 10 years it still looks like a new car..

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Review Date: 1st March, 2003