2004 Chevrolet Kalos LX 1.2


Good, reliable, pleasant, but squeaky!


Squeaky noise from the rear suspension; each time solved by the dealer by applying grease to the suspension packing.

Squeaky noise produced by passenger airbag compartment lid, which keeps coming up and has to be push down tightly.

Squeaky buckle keeping rear seat in place.

General Comments:

Although a calm driver, I have panicked on several occasions now, when, coming up towards a junction or approaching a vehicle in front, the car seems to slide forward and I have to slam the brakes, which do not seem efficient, but to my relief, each time, the car stops in time, but with a funny rattling noise coming from the front wheels. Has anyone had similar experiences? My dealer says it is probably the ABS system that I hear. This only happens at low speed ie 10-20 mph, and usually in wet weather conditions or cobble stoned/paved surfaces.

For the rest, a comfortable, pleasant car, but the enjoyment of driving is spoilt partly by many squeaks.

Fuel efficiency increases to around 370 miles (600kms) when using Total 98 rhon Excellium fuel.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2007