1970 Citroen DS D Super 5 2.1


Timeless design, great car!


Leaking roof. (little leak, quickly fixed)

Direction lights replaced.

Got T-boned three weeks after purchase. Two new doors will be installed.

General Comments:

Superb Car!

Wanted to by one for a long time, but finally took the plunge. I canceled my company car (VW Golf) and use the DS to commute to work daily (100km round-trip)

The car is fitted with a later type engine (2.1) and a five speed manual gearbox. Easily adapts to modern traffic.

The ride in this car is fantastic! Comfort can't be matched by recent cars: very (!) good seats, relaxed driving position, loads and loads of space plenty of attention,...

There are downsides though:

Loud wind noises at higher speeds (> 120km/h)

Bad fuel economy (LPG installed)

You get stopped by the police every time they see you (curiosity I guess)

But that doesn't stop me from enjoying this car every minute!

This is definitely on of the greatest cars ever made!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 20th April, 2004