1995 Citroen Xantia 19d


Very good car

General Comments:

My first car was a 1993 bx diesel which I sold with 372000 (!) km on it, the motor was still perfect and needed 5 liter/100km, only for the rest... The biggest cost was everything in regard to the hydraulic suspension, think every part had been replaced in 3 years I had it. Now I bought a 1995 Xantia 19 Diesel with 265000km which has a much higher comfort level. The motor runs very smoothly and hardly makes any noise inside at speeds up to 100Km/h. Once the speed goes up to 120 the motor makes a bit too much noise which probably has to do with the fact that it's not a turbo diesel. It starts like a citroen starts... immediately, just like my BX, but that one had the same engine. Compared to my BX it runs much slower due to the extra weight and uses 1 liter extra diesel/100km, therefore my next one will be a turbo diesel for sure. A big difference is also that the suspension takes smaller bumps or bad road much better then my BX, you hardly notice it. In any way a very good car with an engine that easily can do 400000km, I'm a bit afraid that the suspension is not that maintenance friendly...

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Review Date: 24th February, 2004