2005 Fiat Punto 60 1.2 8v


A typical Fiat: small, but clever!



General Comments:

We have the 1995 Punto and this 1999 model, face lifted in 2003. I must say I still prefer the old model; it´s really perfect and I´ve done 150000km without one single problem.

As far as the new Punto is concerned, it´s still the good old Punto; economical, incredibly spacious, well designed and very comfortable.

However, driving is a bit less fun due to more limited performance; the new Punto consumes less fuel and makes less noise, but all this cost speed and agility.

Overall, a very nice car and well built too, so I hope it lasts 13 years without problems like my other Punto.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2007

1996 Fiat Punto 60 s 1.2


Zanussi on wheels


- Leak in cooling fluid circuit.

- Blown head gasket at 30000km.

- Broken gear box at 40000km.

- Broken door lock.

- 1st set new front tires at 20000km.

- 2nd set new front tires at 70000km.

And two more pages if you like.

It just seems like I am a driver from hell, but I couldn't be more careful.

General Comments:

A typical Italian car: absolute fun to drive, but a hell to have. Good looks, no quality.

The engine is absolute rubbish, it feels like it could blow every minute. And the body-work is extremely sensitive: the car has micro-dents all over, from other people smashing their doors against it in the parking lot.

Fortunately, we got this car for free, so no real financial damage was done.

Next car will be a big Volvo, one with very large bumpers.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2001

20th Aug 2001, 06:45

We too are experiencing head gasket problems very early (28,500 miles) in the life of our 60s and the gearbox is sounding "crunchy". The Fiat specialist that we've taken it to stressed that it is ESSENTIAL to have the antifreeze/coolant completely changed every two years to avoid gasket problems.

We've only had our 1997 "R" reg car for 6 months, but prior to our ownership it was serviced at the main Fiat Dealership in this area. We strongly suspect that they did not carry out the coolant change at the appropriate time. Please advise other owners to pay special attention to this!

5th Sep 2001, 15:02

Can the trunk in a Fiat Punto convertible fit 2 suitcases?

13th Jan 2002, 12:38

I wrote the review about this car, and this comment is to complete the story.

At 70000km the head gasket blew again, and on top of that the rear wheel base was completely worn out.

So I sold the car immediately (it was still worth something), and I bought a reliable second-hand Volvo 960.