1995 Fiat Tempra Station Wagon SLX 1.8 i.e.


An underestimated Italian beauty


Digital dashboard went down.

2nd gear synchronization broke down at 20.000 km.

Right hand side electric mirror doesn't work since one year, still isn't repaired because of the high costs for this part (£200).

Ignition in 1st and 2nd cylinder went down, so I was driving with a 0.9 i.e. instead.

Lambda sensor had to be replaced.

The central locking works on the 4 doors, but sometimes it refuses to lock the 5th door.

General Comments:

Very solid car, it gives you a very safe feeling when you're driving it.

Good acceleration, but the brakes are a bit on the feeble side.

The interior looks very up-to-date, especially with a digital instrument panel and the grey alcantara seats. Besides, the driver's seat has got a very comfortable arm rest.

Like any other Italian car the looks are great, especially from the side and the back.

The engine is a bit under powered below 3.000 RPM, but once you hit this 3.000 revs it will propel you to speeds that are far above admissible.

Unlike in other countries, the dealers here in Belgium are very good and friendly (read the other reviews).

The car is very rare in Belgium and you won't see another SLX version on our roads, because mine has been imported from Italy! A unique piece of Italian craftsmanship in Belgium :-)

Not that positive; it's a very thirsty car, you won't get it below 11 liters/100 km (= 2.42 gallons/60 miles, = 24.79 mpg).

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Review Date: 13th May, 2001

10th Aug 2002, 16:13

I have a Tempra 1.6 i.e. (159B9.000 engine), and I find the fuel usage to be very good for a large car as it is.

She runs me 100km in 8.0 litres of Shell "Pura" petrol or in 8.6 litres on standard euro95 from the cheapest gas station in town.

This is using it 50% in city traffic in the city of Rotterdam and the town of Delft, and 50% highway.

It makes a _lot_ of difference what speed you drive on the highway. If you keep it at 3000-3200 RPM (120 km/h) she runs very economically. Usage goes very quickly upwards when you drive 140 or faster (e.g. 4000 RPM). But it is tempting to drive faster in this car, she likes that :-)