1991 Fiat Uno 45 999cc FIRE


Fun car for beginners!


I can't remember when, but I know the head gasket has gone, probably some 5-7 years ago.

At about 120.000 Km the gearbox had to be changed.

The rear window washer and the inside ventilator don't work, but who needs that?!

That is really it for the mechanical parts.

Last year we had to let it weld at the bottom, and I also have a rust hole at the top of the drivers door (don't know why)

General Comments:

Love the car.

It makes you think you're going at least 120 km/u when you're actually doing 60!

I also appreciate the spongy suspension, for my own safety. The car warns me soon enough when I'm going a bit to crazy, but the car is playing a bit too much on safe.

Stiffer suspension and wider tires would be perfect, since I only have a 135 tyre...

The power is very good considering other 1000cc's I've driven, but would it be possible to put a 16V head from a 1200cc punto onto the FIRE block? I think the block itself is still the same.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 6th April, 2004