1997 Mazda 323 1.5 gasoline


If you want the definition of 'reliable', look no further


- Tires needed replacement at 140000 KM.

- Wiper linkage broke at 90000 KM.

- Radiator in 2007.

- Two batteries.

- Shock absorber at 235000 km.

- Steering wheel falling apart at 235000 km.

General Comments:

This car is a demon. It is very forgiving about abuse, and just keeps on running, no matter what you throw at it. It is underpowered when you're pulling a trailer. Other than that, it drives you where you want to go without complaints.

The only downside is its cargo space: even with the back seats down, it is too small. OTOH, a van would be more suitable for what I'm doing with the car.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2011

2002 Mazda 323 TSi 1.6E


Versatile, cheap and comfortable

General Comments:

I had much fun with my good old 91 Golf. But it was time to change.

After some hesitations between the actual Golf and other cars like Opel Astra or Nissan Almera, I found the 2002 Mazda 323F (called "Protegé5" in other countries)

Quite discrete look, even shy, I would say, this car was for me a perfect compromise. I have to park in some tight parking places, but I need to carry some tools or stuff.

The 323 combine both possibilities.

Without the size of a station wagon, it's still roomy enough, almost like a "big one".

One of the nicest thing of this version (Tsi) is the rear seat that can be, of course bent, but also pushed forward. Great to carry more stuff in the trunk, but still you can keep rear passengers :-)

The front passenger seat can be bent as well. Providing excellent solution to carry long poles, planks,...

Coming to the engine.

It's not a formula 1, it's a 98hp. Excellent in acceleration from 0 to 90km/h, satisfying above.

An excellent engine for a family use, but I was surprised to see the feelings it can bring when you go a little bit further in the rpm's.

The fuel flows from 8 to 10 liters for 100 kilometers, according of the weight of the load, or the weight of my foot :-)

Inside? Almost perfect. No external noise, great acoustic (original tape player and 4 speakers), dashboard is clear and easy to use. Electric windows for the four doors, I took Air Co, witch works great in less than two minutes after engine start.

The Tsi also have audio control on the wheel.

I wouldn't forget to mention that this car is incredibly comfortable! With the possibility to adjust the driver seat up, down and the inclination, you may plan to make long journeys without any back problems.

Well... I say this after one year. Hard to talk about reliability, I'll see that the in the future. For now, I have a 3 (three) years warranty and three years of Road Assistance by the Manufacturer.

All of this for only 15000€ (about 15000$). I wouldn't ask for more :-)

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Review Date: 15th April, 2003

1990 Mazda 323 18i 16v


Its is a fast and nice car


When I changed my car radio the fuse blow, replaced it myself I'm proud of that.

General Comments:

It is a fast car (i love that)

Cheap 750 euro (about 730 dollar)

And smooth in curves.

Very comfortable seats.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2002

17th Oct 2016, 12:58

I owned one of those, and the seats were the only letdown for me. My back would be killing me 2 hours into a trip, sold it after a few months. Otherwise, very reliable and stylish.