1986 Nissan Micra DX 1.?


Most fun at the lowest cost I've ever had


Brake seized and clutch exploded within first two weeks of ownership. Fortunately the seller was an honest man and paid 1/2 the 400 Euro repair needed a distributor adjustment and of course a new caliper, which leads me to believe servicing it is quite cheap.

General Comments:

I am looking for a source for parts to tune my Micra to have just a little more punch. AKA a custom header and higher spark ignition and distributor, if after-market carburation and intake manifold is available I'd like to get that too. Also looking for a suspension source for inexpensive, but more responsive struts (firmer ride).

Any guidance on aftermarket parts or anyone who has so boldly "tuned" this little animal of a car I would greatly appreciate.

I bought it as a one year proposition for my stay in belgium based upon cost. Now I'm thinking I might cough up a few extra dollars and turn her into a little hot-rod.

Has anyone done this?

New valve cover and air intake is a must for an American hot-rodder gone Micra.

If anyone has cut into the roof to install a sunroof let me know the model.

Need a source for after-market tuning parts.




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Review Date: 17th September, 2005

1993 Nissan Micra L 1.2


A great all-rounder


Nothing has gone wrong to date.

General Comments:

This is a great car to learn with. It is cheap in fuel consumption, handles very well, you have to steer it in to a turn gently and the car will do the rest. I have done things with this car that some people can't believe and it won't let me down. This is a great car in the city and has no problems with the motorway, it will just take you where you want, without any problems.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2002