2003 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Coupe 3,600 cc


Drives great but surprisingly poor reliability


The engine had to be replaced after 70.000 kms.

Non working satellite navigation system/ CD reader.

Various oil leaks (had to be towed twice to a garage).

A couple of electrical faults, eg non working light switch.

The car body, the front in particular, gets damaged very easily by chippings.

Generally, the manufacturer is unwilling to help much beyond their (mean) 2 year warranty (Note: a KIA comes with a 7 year warranty!!), which leaves you with hefty bills.

General Comments:

I love the looks of the car and its performance.

Seats are not particularly comfortable, though, in particular for long journeys. Not great for my back.

I thought the purchase of this car made sense from the standpoint of both my heart and my head. I was rather mistaken on the latter as the car proved far less reliable than what its myth suggests. When talking to other Porsche owners, my experience does not appear to be an isolated case.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2008

18th Sep 2008, 12:48

Actually your review is an isolated case. Not one problem with my 2003 996 Carrera 2 coupe. Only thing is the car goes through tires like crazy. Had to replace the rear tires at 15,000 miles. The car drives like a dream... only thing is the maintenance can get pricy. Try not to buy anything from Porsche unless you have to... especially tires. They are marked up by at least 30% over anyone out there.

2nd Jan 2015, 01:11

I agree totally. My 2003 Carrera 2 Dr Coupe is doing well, has 60K miles, and looks like it is new. Tires are expensive, but I found TireRack gives great prices on tires.

2nd Jan 2015, 21:30

The car was a 2003, and it was mentioned that the engine was replaced at 70K km. That to me sounds like it may have been a failed intermediate shaft, which necessitates an engine replacement. The IMS failures, the last time I read about it, didn't seem to have a definite cause of failure - cars that were low mileage, fully serviced on schedule, babied, and otherwise well looked after, still had them fail; some have had very high mileage, driven like they were stolen, even ill-treated, and have not had the failures. If I were to get one used, I'd go for the facelift without the intermediate shaft, I think that was from 2009 or 2010.

1998 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 3.4 300HP


It's my black devil, its my virtue and my sin..



General Comments:

I've been dreaming about a sportscar since I was a child (am now 37). And Ferrari being my supercar for as long as I can remember.

Recently I found out I could actually OWN a pre owned dream car instead of a full-option Saab 9.3 I was looking for. So, with my budget in mind, there were two options for me: a 328GTS from the mid 80's or a 911 from late 90's. The 328 being the only Ferrari with regard to price and cost of maintenance that I could afford, and the late 90's 911 the only Porsche within my budget and a more modern interior (more important to me than older air-cooled models).

So, early 2006 I started to search and test-drive 328's. Found out that one has to be VERY careful with these cars, and that some owners couldn’t care less about maintenance and well care of the cars. Buyers beware. I also found out that this car was not for me. Too inconvenient. Although magnificent looks, it's not easy to drive and a quick stroll mostly ended in hard labor. The interior of the 80's looks very outdated in our times.

So, then Porsche came. And as soon I was close to one (been looking only to metallic black exterior and black leather interior) I was lost. Breathtaking performance, a sound that started me drooling right away, outside looks that can be recognized from miles away. The interior being much more modern and not so far away from interiors that can be found in cars today.

After checking approx. 10 cars in Belgium and Germany, I found this hidden gem. Although the car is 8 years old, it looks like new, only has 80.000 km, even the interior smells like (leather) new. The previous owner took great care in maintaining this car. It only needed 80K km maintenance (1000 euro) and I was ready for a year of fun.

3000km and two months further, I can say I don't regret buying this car for one single second. When I'm not driving it, it just stands in front of my garage so I can just look at it if I want. It's a dream come true. I can't say how reliable it is since I've only own it for 3 months. But I've have no complaints up until now.

Yes, maintenance is not cheap (relatively), and yes, running costs are high. But I keep in mind what my late grandfather said many years ago, "if you want to keep horses, you gotta feed them".. and I want to keep those horses. I don't care about running costs when I push the pedal and the engine revs up to 7000 rpm.. it's heaven.

I choose the 911 Tiptronic, because Porsche experts have told me they are a bit more reliable on the transmission, you never know how somebody has driven the car before you. Another (manual) car I was interested had some noise in the transmission after a checkup. Probably a broken bearing or so. Cost of changing the transmission is 7000 euro or 3500 for a revision. So, better start with a good transmission and save the money for gas :-).

I can recommend having a checkup on the car by an authorized Porsche dealer. For 250 euro they performed the same checkup as they do on cars for their own pre owned program. Worthwhile!

What else can I say?... well, it's June, the weather is nice and it's almost sunset. I'm going to take my black devil out for a ride on winding roads. That's the only reason I bought it for..

Have fun

(Sorry for the bad spelling :o)

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Review Date: 12th June, 2006

15th Jun 2006, 03:48

Original Poster:

Running Costs (higher is cheaper) : 7/10.

It's the other way >> 3/10.

My mistake (as many other spelling mistakes if I reread the review now :-)


23rd Dec 2006, 03:04

Hey brother.

Enjoyed your comments and don't worry about spelling mistakes, I didn't even notice.

I just saw one in the store today and it was a 1998 model also and looks godly and I want it.

I'm concerned however that its the first of the new model in shape and was wondering if you are having any problems to date.

I read somewhere that the RMS on these have been issues with some people, but don't even know what that is.

Was wondering if you have had any problems to date and your feelings a little down the track now on this porsche.