1995 Renault 19 RL Europa 1.9 diesel


Rusty, but comfortable and economical


I had to put in a new radiator twice, and replaced a rubber water hose. The previous owner put in a new water pump.

I also replaced the rear brake cylinders, rear and front brake pads, all glow plugs and the battery.

When the car was five years old, several rust spots started to emerge (all doors).

General Comments:

Renault does not want to do anything about my rust problem, because I mostly serviced the car myself (!). The reasoning behind this, is that, while servicing the car, it has to be checked for rust by the Renault mechanics. I took it to the garage for servicing twice, and they never checked the bodywork.

I find the R19 a very comfortable car, although the seats are a bit too small.

It is quiet for a diesel, and performance is reasonable as well.

Fuel consumption is low (6 l/100 km).

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 16th June, 2001