1990 Volvo 240 GLT 2.0 113hp


It drives like a butterfly, a safe one!


When the weather was humid, the engine did not turn well. My Volvo dealership did not 'find' the problem for three years. It appeared to be an electrical device. I changed it (not too expensive) and the car runs smoothly again.

For the rest the car seems to be perfect!

General Comments:

I wanted to have a Volvo since I was a kid, but certainly NOT a 240, which I related to old people wearing hats and smoking cigars. When I saw 'my' 240GLT I knew I had been wrong the whole time. I drive it for 4 years now, it has saved my life once, and we have driven 110000kms together. I want to keep it until the day I will be wearing a hat and smoking cigars!

This car is extremely reliable, handles well and is more quiet than modern cars. Driving this car is a relaxation therapy to me.

This '90 240GLT is not turbo charged, it is never quick, but has fair accelerations and top speed. My average consumption is 9,5 litres per 100kms. This is good for the car's weight and aerodynamics. On long trips I managed to go under 8l/100kms.

One negative point: it has no ABS system. In 1990 this was no problem, but in today's traffic it is impossible to stop this car (1800 kg) as quickly as the others in front of you. Certainly not with rainy weather.

I hope to keep this car for many more years and kilometers! With this Volvo it is forever indeed!

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Review Date: 18th March, 2006

9th Jun 2009, 07:05

06.06.2009: This Volvo did what it was built for, protecting us in an accident. Total loss, with only 258000 km, and still driving like the first day. Sad day! Where do I find a comparable one???

6th Jul 2010, 12:36

Well, I found and bought a 1988 240 GL 2,3 automatic with only 67.000 kms from a Volvo collector. A beauty, but slow and thirsty (50% more than my former car). I missed the sense of the butterfly so I decided to repair the old one. It has been restored and is driving as before: smooth, quickly and creating a smile!