2005 Volvo XC90 Summum D5 diesel


I don't trust the reliability in the long run


No problems so far, back bearings replaced during recall, the same for the steerings brackets by Volvo at no cost for me.

General Comments:

Car made for US Highways, not for European traffic.

Unpleasant to drive in the city.

Gearbox not pleasant, since no breaks from the motor above 80 km per hours.

Consumption under 10 l/100 kms.

Plastic of low quality.

No possibility to connect an I-POD or MP3 player.

Rather noisy motor when accelerating.

Globally comfortable on highways to cruise.

No automatic de icing of external mirrors, you have to connect the rear windscreen to get the external mirrors to de-ice.

Cruise control not controlling the speed when you drive down hill, the car accelerates because of its weight.

Mile away from the quality of my previous Mercedes.

My next car will be an electric one.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 27th October, 2008

30th Oct 2008, 08:17

A very odd review. How can you not trust FUTURE reliability when you have not had any real problems? It is a very big car hence not designed for towns - motorway a plus. Quality is good, but you obviously forgot to sit in the car before you brought it. Sorry, do you own this car?

7th Nov 2008, 06:05

Yes, I am the owner of that car, If I am not confident about the future, it is because of the problems occured to other owners.

I do not like failure and unexpected cost.

7th Nov 2008, 08:05

Volvo XC90 125,000 miles. No problems. What a wonderful car, you just can't get a more reliable and practical car! Mine is a D5, so no transmission issues!!! The Diesel is by far and away the best engine - and I regularly get 35mpg!

21st Dec 2008, 08:27

No problems; but you don't trust it..?

21st Dec 2008, 19:41

It sounds like you are trying to justify to yourself wanting to buy a new car when the old one is still basically working fine. (The old thing just won't die so I can go get something new.) It's okay - we only go around once in life. If you find your car unpleasant to drive in city traffic, that is an excellent reason to buy something you like better. Let us know what you get.

22nd Jan 2011, 14:18

After 100.000 kms and flushing the gearbox oil, still the same "klong" when the box down shifts unexpectedly.

Recently I was told by another dealer that some element should have been replaced under warranty when new, that was not said to me previously. Now it is apparently too late.