1998 Audi A3 8L 1.8 20V petrol


Quick little tank


Thermostat and handbrake wire failure, both replaced after purchasing the car.

General Comments:

After some 15000 km, I can say that this car is in pretty good shape. The engine pulls very well, and oil consumption is within reasonable limits. The gearbox is very smooth and quiet as one would expect from a German car.

I use this car for a daily commute in an urban area, and weekend travels on the open road; it has been very reliable so far.

With 125 bhp, this is the most powerful car that I've owned so far, and in my mind it's very quick. On curvy and narrow Bosnian roads, it overtakes effortlessly, even with four persons inside, and you don't need to rev it too high, it feels almost like a diesel car.

The strongest point of this car is, without a doubt, superb build quality; even after so many years, there are almost no sounds within the cabin, only the occasional squeak. Everything you touch inside feels rock solid, and the exterior bodywork is excellent as well; every part you touch feels like a tank, it is so firm and robust.

One negative point is steering, which is pretty numb and unresponsive. Also I feel like the clutch pedal and gear lever travel for too long; in this view, it's the same as the Bravo that I previously owned. It spoils a little the sporty image of this car. I hope that later models were improved in this area.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 31st July, 2011