1989 BMW 7 Series 750i 5.0 M70 V12


Ultimate autobahn cruiser


Left bank ignition wires, brake accumulator, exhaust flex on first left down pipe.

General Comments:

Definitely the biggest car in my car history. With all options included and a V12 under the hood, the car is very pleasurable to drive, and a far cry from the e36 325i I had before in regard to luxury.

The 325 is tad bit faster of the line, and build quality is incomparable, like a different manufacturer produced those cars. In the e36, the interior is falling apart, but the 750i interior is like new, although the e32 is 5 years older.

The car has more equipment than most new cars on road these days, not to mention the grunt of the V12 that makes you faster than proud owners of brand new cars. I'm getting thumbs up almost every day at red lights.

Keeping this car in good condition is definitely a challenge, because it's an automotive dinosaur, and parts are not so easy to find, not to mention good servicemen, who know how to maintain the V12. Almost all work on car is done by me and my good friend, who happens to be BMW technician :).

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 6th April, 2012