1999 Lancia Dedra 1.9 turbo diesel


'Feel good' car - money well spent


Nothing has gone wrong yet, but I will have to replace some parts of the suspensions, due to bad road conditions here in Bosnia.

Right electric window motor is kind of sluggish, but works.

Just usual oil/oil filter replacement.

General Comments:

Very smooth ride on motorways, considering the age.

Fuel consumption makes me smile every month when calculating costs, about 5L of diesel per 100 km (42-45 mpg).

Handling is superb, the car follows your commands to the letter and feels very connected with the driver.

Lots of space in the front and the rear (I'm 2m tall and have no issues with leg room).

When you take into consideration automatic air conditioning, electric windows, nice looking alcantara seats (very comfortable), overall rich feel and good finish, enormous boot space, and the little things about the car that grow on you... I love it.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2009

28th Oct 2015, 17:39

I'm the original poster of the review.

The car now has 284 000 KM on the odometer and still going strong.

Had problems with high pressure oil hoses and oil radiator, but mostly because the car mechanics that worked on it did not have adequate knowledge and ruined the car.

At one point they actually mounted a wishbone that is not for this car, and the wheel was going under the car when I tried to back out from the garage! Worst experience ever... Also found out that they didn't replace the handbrake wire, but they did charge for it. Worst experience ever.

The biggest issue was to find a decent mechanic to do normal maintenance.

After a recent crash, I was unable to find the door that matches the interior trim, so it looks weird.

I'm looking at an Alfa Romeo now :) 156 or 159.

Generally, the old Lancia Dedra held its own against VWs and Fords, and the running costs were lower than expected.