1997 Opel Vectra CD 1.6 16v


Beauty and the Beast


Turning lights moisture.

Dashboard noises.

Rear suspension rattle.

Hard to shift gears.

Noisy fuel pump when the engine is cold.

A/C fan broken and blocked.

MAF fails.

O2 Sensor fails.

If cam belt fails -> RIP.

A really bad feeling when people say: "You shouldn't have bought a Vectra."

General Comments:

I bought this car by chance. You will encounter a number of problems with it but when you fix those, all you have to do is make sure you change the cam belt every 60.000 km.

Vectra-B is a beautiful car (in my opinion) especially when it's silver like mine is.

I admit it made me furious at times during the first month, but now it running smooth.

It is comfortable, spacey and cool :)

It's almost silent when idle.

Mine has radio controls on the steering wheel.

AC uses the main radiator fan and works fine.

Conclusion: The car is fast, reliable, comfortable, beautiful and feels good if you spend some time and money on it after you buy it.

The problems and other people's opinions will make me sell mine soon.

Maybe I'll buy a 2002 (facelift) model.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 19th March, 2008