2001 Chevrolet Corsa swing 1.6 mpfi


The precise mixture of a quality car, a very low price and a 100% leadership


When I just got the car, it had an electrical problem, which was fixed at no cost by GM.

General Comments:

Excellent car with the most suitable price; a really great car, I totally recommend it for anyone to buy it.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2004

5th Aug 2004, 18:00

Can you e-mail me a picture of the Chevrolet Swing? Is the same also known as Chevy Joy?


1995 Chevrolet Corsa GL 1.4


A very well thought city car


The wheel cylinders had to be changed at 90.000km.

The step motor had to be changed at 50.000km and 110.000km.

Nothing more, but the regular maintenance.

General Comments:

The motor fits exactly to the purpose of the car, that is being a city car. It has only 60cv, but the torque is very adequate for intense city traffic, you don't have to change gears every second.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2004

1996 Chevrolet Corsa Wind 1.0 EFI petrol


Some parts failed during the warranty period, and the dealer replaced them without cost. None of those parts were vital to keep the car running (or stopping it :).

General Comments:

GREAT car. Of course, you can't ask for performance from a 1.0 engine. I sold it after 60000km, and it was as good as when I got it from the dealer. Running cost is near zero. I think I'm gonna miss it!

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Review Date: 14th February, 1999

12th Apr 2001, 13:06

I don't really think you'll publish this message, but anyway, it's something that really happened to me and I would like the possible buyers to know about it.

I bought a Chevrolet Corsa 2001 (which is called "Chevy pop" here in México) last October 3rd 2000, I work as a teacher in a community which is located at 72.4 kilometers from my home, so I travel an average of 200 kms a day when I use it here in the city (Morelia Michoacán).

Last month, 16/03/01 I was driving back home, when all of the sudden, the car stopped, I started it again and then I noticed, there was no water, it was all too hot, so I parked in the nearest place I could, and called the insurance company, they sent a crane for me and took the car to the agency.

That was just the beginning. after that I had to call long distance several times to Mexico City, Monterrey, Leon, because it seemed like the agency wasn't going to replace the motor, I had to discuss on the phone with several persons and at the agency with most of the people who work there, a salesman even yelled at us (my wife was always with me) and I was absolutely disappointed that only for a few persons, the prestige of a trademark would go to hell.

Finally, after several discussions, they changed the motor, they asked me about it, why did it happen? It's so weird that it happens it never has, I'm absolutely sure it wasn't my fault, a day before it stopped I went to the gas station to fill the tank, and I was there when the clerk checked the oil level and the water level, it shouldn't have failed like that, it was a new car, hardly 19,330 kilometers old.

Now I'm seriously thinking about creating a web page to tell my story to all possible buyers who consult the net, so they can think twice what they are about to buy.

In the meantime I'll send you my regards and I say goodbye, feel free to drop me a line, my current e mail address is juliocesar_8760@terra.com.mx.

p.s. I had to grab my guts in order to avoid the very well deserved insults for a few people.