1969 Fiat 850 Spider 850CC


A lovely car. The Pinninfarina Silueti will last forever


Sometimes I experienced an over-heating of the motor. The rest was only pleasure.

General Comments:

I had the pleasure of owning an 850 Spider that I purchased on the second hand in very good condition. I used it until completing my high-school graduation.

There's a lot that I miss about this car that stays on my mind even nowadays with very advanced cars. The difference is only one: the modern cars have no soul like the 850 Spider FIAT. In those days it was faster than many six or even eight cylinder heavier cars manufacturing in the USA (most like a Second-War Tank). Let's remember that the Spider had only 1/5 or even no more than 1/6 of the minor American cars motor's of those days. Think about it.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2006

30th Aug 2006, 11:53

I think the speed of your 850 has been greatly exaggerated by time.

9th Sep 2006, 10:06

Sure it does... it only weighs 725KG!!!

27th Sep 2006, 10:03

And it is powered by an engine that would be considered on the small side for a motorcycle today.

13th Oct 2006, 11:51

The 850 Spider was made for those quaint, picturesque little streets you see in Italian travel guides. Not exactly a high performance 60's American tire smoker! One the plus side, it was ahead of its time for running a fuel efficient, small displacement motor that required a high rpm range to operate. Sort of a Honda S2000 crossed with 1948 Crosley bubble car.