1999 Ford Fiesta GL 1.0




Nothing! Really nothing, 178.000km without any problems.

General Comments:

It's a small and very economical car, doesn't have any extra confort.

The Zetec RoCam engine is really good for a 1L engine.

Handle likes a Nascar.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2007

2002 Ford Fiesta Supercharger Personallite 1.0 RoCam


High power, medium price, low negative points


Whenever I wash it, the front light get full of water inside. It takes a long time for them to fade away.

The seat support has fallen, but it was quickly fixed in the dealer (5 minutes)

There has been some noise in the windows when I am in a bad quality road.

General Comments:

This news generation is really beautiful and with a superb engine. Although it is a little bit petrol eater, there's always enough power, unlike those 1.0 16V cars that has no power or torch. This Zetec Rocam engine is really a state of art, and the compressor just make it go faster and faster.

The interior does not have old Ford quality. The dashboard is made with a cheap plastic, and you don't feel quite comfortable on it. Original sound speaker is terrible. Seats are quite uncomfortable after long trips. Small leg support and the back support is too straigh.

When it comes about handling, you suddenly don't care about the interior. Just like a VW Golf, you know that the cars won't let you down in curves.

Suspension is sporty and doesn't absorb all the road irregularities.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2003

2002 Ford Fiesta Superchanger 1.0 turbo compression


Sporty, practical and fun to drive


The rubber that protects the car interior from the water and dust is loosing.

General Comments:

The car is incredible fast if you consider its small engine.

The new Fiesta is extremely beautiful and stylish.

However the interior has lack of quality. The dash is made with a low-quality plastic that doesn't correspond with the outside beauty.

The air-conditioner buttons aren't lighted, so at night you have trouble adjusting the temperature.

The seats aren't comfortable for long distance travels. They doesn't have enough support for the legs and for the back.

The Fiesta has a outstanding handling. It feels like its on a rail.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2003

13th Jul 2003, 08:49

I agree, I have owned a Zetec-S for the past two years now - having upgraded from a standard 1.25SE which I thought was very nippy for its specs.

No trouble with the car apart from high servicing costs from Ford and I'm beginning to hear a slight knock from the suspension which sounds like the anti-roll bar.

Ah well,

Marc Mitchell.

4th Dec 2003, 09:32

Yes.. Ford engines like Zetec are really good. If you consider the 1.0 engine, with its 65 hp, you may think it is a weak one, but you have torch at any time. Now, this engine with the compressor (the Supercharger) with its 96 hp, it is faster than the 1.6 Zetec. Really. But you have to rev the engine in a high rotation... and it gets a little bit noisy. Also, it is a great petrol eater.

The sound system is not the best... there's a lack in quality...