2003 Ford Ka MPi 1.0 gas


Good 1.0 engine. Maybe that's why it consumes so much fuel


I only had to replace the battery and engine water recipient; it was all brownish and dirty inside.

I don't like its Km/liter ratio... On my Corolla, which is a 1.8, I get 10 km /liter. On this car, I got 11 / liter... but this is a 1.0 car! Should be much better.

General Comments:

Good car to drive in Sao Paulo city. A city full of traps and holes in the road.. The suspension is great. A little off-roader.

You can push this car to its limit with no fears..

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Review Date: 8th November, 2011

2000 Ford Ka GL Image 1.0 - 8v


It worths the price


In the brand new car the cigarette lighter was missing.

Clutch system seems to be worn with just 50,000 Kilometers.

Brakes became poor even after service with the replacement of pads and fluid.

Steering box with strange noises.

Many light bulbs burnout too soon, specially for brake-lights, which is an important safety item.

General Comments:

Its design proposal is modern and elegant. A beautiful car.

Handling is super even considering the Ford KA is a very small car. It is very stable indeed. It performs curves very nicely and feels safe at any speed.

Driver seat is a little short for the legs, but comfortable. However in the rear seats there is not enough room even for only two people.

Interior revetment is made of tough plastic, which produces many noises within the years. Some of this parts, like the door panels and internal pillar revetments now have some slots.

Dashboard is well arranged and instruments are easy to read, but the missing of the temperature indicator is incomprehensible. Also the the glove box is too small, and uncovered.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2004