1993 Hyundai Excel LS (4-door sedan) 1.4 gas


If you drive this car, you love it!


- Oil changes every 3.500 miles (this is something normal)

- Changed Spark Plugs with 15.000 miles.

- Changed Oil filter every 10.000 miles.

- Cockpit lamp (roof lamp) changed with 30.000 miles.

- Rear suspension terminals replaced with new original ones (due to the bad roads in my country)

- Only the usual maintenance services.

General Comments:

- This car is the best one I've ever had until today.

- Even being a 1993 car, it is very comfy and very reliable today (I bought it 10 years ago).

- Low-cost services and parts.

- Very comfortable and spacious cockpit for a medium-size sedan.

- In 10 years with this car, it never left me "on my own" in any road.

- This is the best. It's not a quick one (like a BMW or something), but It's like a sweet puppy when downtown and like a hungry tiger when on the road.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2003

7th Dec 2003, 16:33

55.350 Miles??? I don't think so!

I Also live in Brazil and I must to say that, the odometer of your car is on Kilometres instead of Miles.

Also, I find very strange, the fact that you don't know the transmission of your car.