2001 Toyota Corolla XEi 1.8 gasoline


Very good if you never had better


Basically, I got this car with loads of problems. The Corolla gave me a very bad first impression.

1 - The manual transmission was leaking oil. Even though this issue is solved.. up to date it still doesn't feel right.

2 - I can feel the acceleration, the engine effort on my feet, which I don't like... I think cars should be perfect and silent tools, a levitating brick if you will.

3 - The mat on the driver's side is always moving with my feet. It goes over the pedals sometimes... terrible.

4 - The steering wheel oil cable was leaking too.. I had to replace the oil every month or so. It has stopped leaking after repairs, but somehow I had to replace that oil again. Don't know if it evaporates or whatever.

5 - If you are not driving on a mattress, you can hear noises from all doors... it's annoying how this car looks like Lego plastic.

6 - I had to replace a piece called 'lambda probe' or whatever... it calculates the gas/air combination.

7 - The A/C motor had to be replaced; it was making an amazing annoying sound that could be heard a mile away, whenever I had the A/C on.

General Comments:

I find it amazing that the insurance for this car and the market is better than Chrysler's... so many customers like this piece of trash. Maybe because they never had anything better, or just because they're too humble.

The only reason that forces me to buy another, is the insurance value in Brazil, which is 1/8 of any Chrysler's.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2011

8th Feb 2013, 04:06

My Toyota 2001 VVTI has a very high oil consumption problem, which also clogs up the lambda sensors, which are very expensive to change repeatedly.

The engine oil consumption has no fix, other than to change to a new engine.

I hate Toyota VVTI technology.

2005 Toyota Corolla XEi 1.8 Gasoline


Great car!


Module to close windows when activating alarm broke 2x. A piece of rubber from the roof of the car ripped itself loose, but was replaced free of charge.

General Comments:

Excellent vehicle. Good performance, a reference regarding suspension. Auto shifter could be a little smarter, but is OK. Handles great. Toyota never invested much on interior design, but with the release of the New Civic, they would be smart on seriously investing on interior design... and technology, for that matter.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2007