2000 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 Confortline 2.0 8v


Powerful and nice built. But it does has its price to pay


The driver's back door has some noise like if there is something loose. This problem has not been solved by the dealer since July, 2002, when the car went there to get the problem solved.

The dealer didn't made all noise fade.

The front passenger window didn't all the way down and it started to produce a terrible noise inside the door.

The dealer fixed, tough the fetter lock isn't aligned with the car's interior surface any longer. It comes all the way down, creating a hole.

Sometimes the alarm system starts to discharge without reason.

General Comments:

This last generation of Golf is bigger and better.

The interior denotes a high quality. By looking at the superior dashboard, we can feel that the materials used are one of the better in the market.

The dashboard panel is extremely beautiful with its red and blue color, that gives an comfortable feeling at night.

The Climatronic system is clever, always keeping the right temperature that is required. The only negative point is that it could be a dual-zone air-conditioning.

Seats are OK. Solid and comfortable. After long trips, I don't feel tired or with my backs aching.

The color interior is black (dashboard) and gray (seats and the lower part of the dashboard). The combination is quite nice, but they are easy to get dirty. The velvet cloth feels good as we touch them, but once again, very easy to get dirty.

In the third head support doesn't allow people to have a right back vision.

The handling is superb. The car feels held on the floor.

This 2.0 engine is somehow old, but it has a high torch. Any direct acceleration and the car respond to it right away.

It is a little bit petrol eater, but that's the price to pay for a powerful engine.

Summarizing: a great cars for people who love to drive.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2003

4th Oct 2004, 19:47

I am the same owner.. and right now I will give some updates around the car. After 4 years owning this car we start to see if this Golf is really a reliable one. The material in the interior are starting to peel off. Mainly the material of the part where you control the windows.. There has been some noise in the B pillar on the passenger side. The dealer told me they had fixed it.. but after one month the noise is back! This is it.