1999 BMW 3 Series 320i Sedan 2.0 Petrol


The definite market leader in the segment - 15 years ago and up to now


When we bought the BMW second hand, we changed the brake discs and pads, and the shock absorbers, as they were there from new. After that initial servicing, nothing has gone wrong.

The front windows make a squeeze sound and go down slowly... but I suppose once we remove the door covers and oil the mechanism, they will go like new.

General Comments:

Power from straight-6 engine is sufficient; don't consider 4-cylinder models (318i, 316i in Europe), they lack power and torque. Even compared to my 1-year old company car Honda Accord, the old BMW engine is more potent.

Steering is quite direct and feels like really controlling the car. The ride is fairly comfortable, and the suspension is strong and withstands our bumpy roads very well.

The seats are quite comfortable and supportive, however my model lacks folding back seats, which I miss very much.

Audio system is crap - cassette player or CD does not really matter, the sound quality is poor and the standard speaker kit is also of inferior quality. I've replaced it with an aftermarket stereo and new Hertz speakers, and the sound quality improved drastically.

City mileage is not good, but on par with previous cars of similar weight and power I have driven. Outside city consumption is fairly good, however on the highway I am missing a sixth gear, and after 130km/h consumption goes high.

Dealers are willing and attentive, prices are high, but this is what you can expect from premium brand servicing. There are many used cars around, and you can find used parts at a fraction of the cost.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2014

14th Dec 2014, 23:26

Great review. Also you need to consider its mileage. At 275k things get little tired, so fuel economy would get hammered slightly, but with a little extensive service, you can get back another 20%.