1993 Lada 2105 21053 1.5 carburettor


My next car will be a newer 21053!


When I bought the car it had no 4th gear!

It had brake problems!

The sheet iron was very rusty!

General Comments:

The car has poor comfort, but it's perfectly suitable for any kind of improvements (tuning)! The engine is the simpliest engine in the world! Originally it has 72hp, but 100hp can be easily achieved!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 7th November, 2005

21st Nov 2005, 20:24

I agree, the Lada engine is simple and uncomplicated in design, and lends itself to easy modification. To achieve 100 H.P. is certainly not unrealistic, and the original clutch can easily handle the increased power. The previous, somewhat dim-witted commentator, reveals by his frivolous attempt at sarcasm, that he has no understanding of automotive technology whatsoever. Enjoy your Lada- they are a good, honest and reliable car.

25th Dec 2005, 14:47

Lada 1600 rally and road racing engines developed around 160-170 hp. They were also used on "Estonia" formula cars with even more power. So, it's not a bad engine at all.