2000 Lancia Lybra JTD 1.9 turbo diesel




No major problems.

General Comments:

Very comfortable and beautiful. I like it from the outside and inside.

It lacks the storage place. Not only that; the boot is small, but there are not enough drawers and niches to leave stuff. The glove compartment is what it sounds like. Big enough just for a pair of gloves. The door pocket is OK, but that is all of the storage room I have inside.

The car is very nimble and easy to drive. The gear shift moves just with a look. Power steering is superb.

I haven't had such a comfortable soft ride for years. On the highway I drive it well up to 140 km/h. Above that speed, the car is a bit unstable. I have the feeling I will fly out of the curve with 160 km/h. I think this is because the car is a bit narrow. Have in mind that I compare the car with my previous 1993 Mazda 626 station wagon, which is actually a truck pretending to be a car.

The materials of the glove compartment door and the seats are the biggest minus. The plastics are melting on a hot summer days, and start sticking. Awful experience. If some one knows how to remove this stickiness, please share. Thanks.

The leather interior is a must for this car, because the plush material is not durable at all. Alas mine is not the leather one.

The central screen is without navigation. I think the models after 2002 have it. The most important part is that the pleasure of driving is back.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2012

17th Oct 2012, 08:50

Can you help me tidy the sticky/melting dashboard?

15th Nov 2012, 07:17

Sticky, melting car interior can occur anywhere and anytime. It has been around for many, many years. Only recently there is a non corrosive solution formulated on Youtube. Just check it out on fixing sticky dashboard/melting dashboard, if you are facing the same condition as what was posted. Sticky until papers stick on the dashboard.

10th Jul 2013, 14:32

I had the same problem after 10 years and strong temperatures in the summer. The only solution is to repaint it. I did it, and I am happy now.

20th Feb 2015, 23:17

I come from Ghana (West Africa). I owe a Lancia Lybra and had the same sticky problem. I used turpentine, and afterwards sprayed it with dashboard spray. Since then, I have never experienced it again.

19th Feb 2017, 00:12

You can clean plastic which is "melting" with alcohol and clothes, or try it with wet baby napkins. I did this on my Lybra and now it is OK. You will need couple of hours to do that, so I wish you happy cleaning.