1983 Opel Senator CD 3.0 straight six turbocharged


My Senator CD 3000 straight six turbo is the ultimate road predator with the comfort of a sedan


The camshaft had to be replaced because of the bad motor oil the previous owner had used. The engine blew up from overheating while traveling at 260 km/h - this is well in the red zone of the rpm. The pistons had big holes between the rings. And the piston rings were in the bottom of the engine. All the bearings were totally out of order. Even with this severe damage it was still running I would say very smooth above 3000 rpm.

General Comments:

For the beginning of the 90`s it was one of the fastest and powerfull cars in Bulgaria except the real sports cars.

It is still very spacey and comfortable and luxurious and competitive to any other luxury car of all times.

But from several years I began feeling lack of power and speed while comparing to a brand new Mercedes or BMW.

So I decided to go supercharged I mean turbo supercharged. And the result is 353 HP @ 6400 rpm and 420 nm @ 2700 - 5400 rpm the acceleration is 5.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h against 8.5 seconds withe the stock slightly tuned engine.

It have Koni electrically adjustable shocks Garrett T3/T4 hybrid turbo computerized ignition front and rear spoiler. Wheel arcs spoilers Vacuum skirt in the front. Ventilated front hood - increasing the amount of air running trough the radiator and allowing less air to go under the car.

Probably the biggest advance is the superb transmission from Aisin Warner with four gears and double electronical automatized overdrive allowing 120 km/h at 2100 rpm and 200 km/h at 3800 rpm. the top speed is tested only to 270 km/h approximately.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2004

19th Mar 2005, 10:06

I think thay you have done a very good work with the car, but did you took any photos of the car? And where can they be viewed?

30th May 2005, 14:43

Wow! hope, i'll do with my senator 2.8s '78 the same.

15th Jun 2005, 07:09

OK the pictures are coming soon if you want some now please tell me where to send them at "senator3000@abv.bg".

You may ask me whatever you want about the car mechanics.

And I must tell you that the 2.8s engine is tunable only with carburetors and increasing the compression ratio and camshaft degree and solid, but not hydraulic driven valves - I forgot the word for the device between cam and valve!