2005 Opel Vectra 1.8 Comfort 1.8


A comfy and classy sedan from Opel


Absolutely nothing has gone wrong with this car. It has been perfectly reliable without any annoying noises/rattles.

General Comments:

The 2005 Vectra is really impressive in terms of comfort and style, particularly when compared to its predecessor and some of the other offerings in the marketplace. The seats are firm, but very comfortable and lumbar support is just great. There are plenty of things I like about it like the self-dimming rear view mirror, automatic wipers and lights, cruise control, and a great stereo with plenty of punch which reads MP3s. Add to this the second stereo controls for the backseat passengers and two 12V outlets plus expensive-looking materials and you have a really desirable car. It is also a quiet one, a perfect vehicle for the highway.

The feel of the car is solid and nice and there are no worrying noises and rattles at speeds of up to 180 km/h (I haven't dared try higher speeds on local bumpy roads).

One thing the car lacks is performance. Its acceleration is far from spectacular and seems almost to stall at certain speeds. Of course, that is due to the 122 hp engine (I should have gotten a bigger one, I guess).

The steering is of the kind one would more often associate with an American car -- a bit too light and unresponsive, but one can get used to it. The brakes are good and there is also the traction control which might keep you out of trouble, although I have seen it engage just once.

All in all this is a better car than most of those that I have driven or owned in the past and for the price of 15,500 euros (I got it on a year-end sale) it was a bargain.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2006

1990 Opel Vectra GT 2.0


Unbelievably incredible!


I have the vehicle from a short time, but enough for some serious impressions.

Rust everywhere!!! It is Opel after all. Mine is very bad-i can't believe the rear axle has not fallen anywhere yet, considering the quality of Bulgarian roads.

Nothing else, which is also unbelievable because of the same reasons.

And of course we all know about the endless oil-leakages of the OHC-engines.

General Comments:

Great car, great performance, great pleasure!!!

15 year old car, that causes no problems, accelerates 0-100km/h for 8 seconds!!! Runs with 220km/h!!!Fuel consumption is below 10l/100km!!!

All this for 1200Eur...


Very comfortable interior, giving you the feel of a real car. The dashboard is absolutely silent. This is very important and people who have driven a Peugeot from this generation know what I mean... GT seats are a little bit harder than the other, but very appropriate for the spirit of the car.

The driver's seat is very comfortable for people with long legs, unlike any Peugeot or even Ford. The original steering wheel is bigger than Titanic's.


The drive is a little bit harder, than a 70 year old man would like, but it is a GT after all. It is great pleasure in the corners. Especially with a small steering wheel as mine. The lack of ABS might be a problem for somebody, but not me...


This is the word that best describes the spirit of the car! It's great!

Can you imagine what happens with the face of a BMW 320-owner when you leave him 20 meters behind you on the traffic lights. You are the fast and he is the furious:) ) ) This car kills most of the GTI-s on the road. And I LOVE Diesels... Even the newest...

I made 220km/h on the highway! It is great to flash to a Mercedes or BMW to get out of your way and overtake them with 220...

Oh, and don't worry about the brakes-four discs, front ventilated...


Consumption is funny, just as spare parts. There is everything you look for in every shop. Unlike other cars (French or Italian) the front suspension is far from being a troublemaker. In fact it is eternal.

The last three months I wonder if it needs special attention anywhere, but this car only gives pleasure and no problems. I love it.


Just imagine:

Black, lowered in front Devil, with 15" Alloys and 205/50/15...nothing to add...

It was a luck to get rid of the Peugeot and by this demon for some 1200Eur. I only had them, so I couldn't buy a Calibra. I bought the best alternative. I'm still thinking about the Calibra, because it brings me some great memories from the time I had some real friends at one place that becomes hell in the winter...

Thank you for the attention and good luck! /Goldy/

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Review Date: 18th July, 2005

19th Mar 2006, 23:05

I used to have a Vectra GT and it still is one of my all time favourites. The handling of the car was very good the seats of the GT did an excellent job keeping you steady, no matter how tight the corner was and how fast you went around it.

The 2.0l engine was one of the best of that size ever built. It responded pretty well, had a very good fuel efficiency and due to a fairly flat torque curve, it offered good acceleration throughout the entire spectrum.

With my GT, I could easily take on all the GTIs, GSIs, 190 Mercs, Audi 80/90 and 320 BMWs and getting it to 200km/h was a breeze. The fastest I had achieved was about 230, giving my mate in his 2 litre Calibra, who tried to get past me a really hard time :)

It was a fun car to drive and I was sad to see it go.

13th Mar 2009, 04:57

I agree with all the above-written. I used to have two Vectra's, one was 2.0 CD, and the other one was 2.0GT. The GT version has close/short ratio gearbox, and you really enjoy driving it. It gives you an impression like driving in hill climb championship races. I used to drive Honda CRX in hill climb championship of Kosova on 2002 and Astra Gr. N 2005. Honda's are also very reliable and powerful cars, but also Opels have nothing less of performance. I drove it at a highway max 210km/h, because of close ratio, but I could easily pass a Passat TDI and Mercedes CDI 2005.

The only weak point of these cars are the rust, the rest such as interior, seats, dashboard and engine are just great.