1987 Peugeot 205 XS 1.4


A perfect city car that offers plenty of power


The gearbox is in bad condition. There are those horrible noises when the car runs at less than 900 RPM so you can surely get the idea it's gonna break into it's parts in the next few seconds. It causes an oil leak below the car. The repair cost is around 300 euro.

The front seats are a bit worn.

I had to replace the whole braking system - first the front disks, then the rear drums as they caused me to crash.

One of the dashboard lights burned.

Broke the rooftop button - it's very hard to replace or repair it.

A couple of months ago the cars started to develop strange fuel consumption - it varies between 12 and 16. I went at 4 different services and noone was able to find the cause.

Clumsy car wash guy broke my window lifter. Now it falls by itself when I drive on a bumpy road.

General Comments:

The twin Weber's make this car so quick you can outperform BMW 316's with ease.

The fuel consumption is not as hard as I was thinking. The car goes around 6.5 liters per 100km out of the city borders and I drive it hard - 140-150 km/h. The city fuel consumption goes around 10.

The interior is pretty comfortable compared to Japanese or Deutsch cars.

The radio is placed odd. You have to reach down below in order to operate it. Definitely not well designed.

Avoid driving the car when it hardly rains - most of the times you will end driving with 3 or what's worse - 2 cylinders. If you happen to run through a deep puddle the car will eventually completely stop.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2003

21st Mar 2003, 12:50

I have a 1.4 XS as my second run around car. My neighbour had it from new and was his first car. It is thoroughly well maintained and the mechanics excellent at 130,000 miles. a little body attention, but excellent for an E reg.

The performance and driving enjoyment has been so good though, that I find I'll drive it rather than our near new Zafira!

Two kids go in the back with not too much difficulty despite having just two doors.

I agree with you. A good car that goes really well and for just a few beans too!

1986 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6 petrol


Great fun to drive, but fragile


Quite a few things are wrong with the car, but I got I this way. Most aren't fixed yet.

- Vacuum regulator (12L/100km grandma-style driving... ouch!)

- Front right wheel bearing is on it's way, makes a sound like a worn out electric fan, more audible on right-handers, when the weight is to the other side of the car.

- First and second gear syncros are almost completely worn out, I'll drive it that way though - double clutching rules ;)

- There is a little play in the right drive-shaft, gotta replace it soon...

General Comments:

First of all, the car handles GREAT! Too bad you have to turn the steering wheel so much to make a tight turn, but overall, I have no complaints - like someone said, this thing is like a go-kart.

The gearbox isn't the smoothest ever, but the car is old, should be better on newer ones.

The clutch cable needs regular adjustment, the point at wich the clutch engages goes down (pedal-wise) with time, so at some point you start hearing grinding sounds when switching gears, and a little later you just can't switch gears! Fixing this is a no-brainer though.

The interior is very noisy on bumpy roads (otherwise it's nice and functional), as is the engine at speeds above 100km/h - the low 5th gear makes the revs go pretty high. This car is not created for highways, but around town it's hard to beat. Humiliate golf GTi drivers? No problem :).

I was amazed by the spacious interior this small car offers, especially in the back. I am pretty tall (almost 2 meters), so without an adjustable steering wheel my right knee almost touches the wheel, so it's a bit hard to twist my foot for a heel-toe. Otherwise the driving position is very comfortable, and the seats are great.

My car is quite old, and obviously driven enthusiastically in the past, but it's almost impossible to find a decent GTi around here. If you're looking for a reliable car, just get a non-GTi VW Golf or something along that line. This thing is quite fragile, although the bodywork is great, mine is completely rust-free (although it might get rusty after a while if it has been crashed and poorly fixed), and as I hear the engines last for quite a while. All in all, don't buy one in a rush, I got mine like that, and discovered there are much more problems than those that were found before the purchase. Still, I'm satisfied, I got a pretty good car for cheap.

I haven't rated dealer service cause I have no experience with them, except I hear some frightening stories about service bills - here they charge a sack of money for something that can be done for half (or less) the price in an independent garage.

One more thing, I have had the car for just over a month, so if more problems appear (and they will) further down the road (pun intended) I'll just come back and post a comment.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2001