1988 ZAZ Tavria


Alive, it's alive


Rust, the car suffers from rust, if not taken care of.

In Bulgaria it is hot, and where I live mostly dry; I take good care of it, so there's not a lot of rust on mine.

Interior gets ugly; I mean the plastic fades, and the seats are worn.

The car is well maintained, so it's always drivable.

Although the battery is bad and the car leaks oil, the electrical things tend to fail (sometimes the brake lights don't work, and window wipers work too slow).

Sometimes takes 2 or 3 times to start, but at the end it always does.

General Comments:

Although the red has become more pink, here and there some small rust, worn interior, I LOVE my ZAZ Tavria.

I love the noise, the vibration, really I say THIS CAR IS ALIVE LIKE HERBIE; it's got soul.

I do not drive it daily as I know it is an old car with its limitations.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2008

10th Feb 2012, 05:38

Well, you are a great man to drive a 10 year old Tavria. I also had one Tavria Nova made in 2004. It's a cheap 3 door hatchback (mine was 3000 USD new) with a 1.2 liter carburetor engine 58 bhp. It has no conditioner, no power steering, no airbags, nothing at all. It has very unreliable parts. E.g. I changed three thermostatic valves in the cooling system and two hall sensors in ignition system during 34000 kilometers. Nevertheless, the spare parts are ridiculously cheap. Its engine is too loud, suspension is too stiff, brakes too weak. The steering wheel is too sharp.

When you drive Tavria - it's like you're going all the way with your feet - you feel each mound and hole! The ride is too stiff and noisy.

Its production stopped in 2007. RIP.