2000 Chevrolet Blazer Vortec 4.3 V6


Piece of junk. Gas guzzler. Poor quality


This truck is piece of junk. Just 30,000 warranty.

At 1,600 miles, the A/C stopped working. (fixed for some miles. It failed again)

15,000 miles, fuel pump lost pressure. Truck lost power and finally broke down (replaced under warranty).

18,000 miles, alternator burnt (replaced under warranty).

30,000 miles, problems with brakes (never completely solved, warranty was over).

40,000 miles and on, check engine light turns on once or twice every week. Problem cannot be detected until today.

Luckily, I sold it last week. I lost lots of money on this vehicle. No more American "tanks". Go with Japanese or Korean, they are way more reliable and cheap to own.

General Comments:

The Blazer is just a gas guzzler, and it used to break down so often that I eventually drove it sporadically.

It's a heavy thirsty machine. That's all it is.

I did all the maintenance at the official dealer, bought original spare parts, but it just didn't work right.

Please do yourself a favor and stay away from GM.

I just kept it all these years trying to fix it to sell it without losing so much money. Finally I just gave it away at 1/6 the price I paid for it. It spent half of the time parked at home or at the dealer.

My happiest day was my first day without it.

(Sorry, but I'm not an English speaker)

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Review Date: 7th August, 2009

8th Aug 2009, 21:38

I agree. This is typical of GM products. You should've bought a Honda or a Toyota. However there's one thing I have to add, if you were looking for a fuel efficient vehicle, why the heck would you buy a Blazer?

17th Aug 2009, 16:35

Yeah, you're right, but I wasn't expecting fuel efficiency, I wanted a decent and powerful city and offroad performance. I got neither one nor the other. That was the main problem. I lost my confidence in the truck in the first hundred miles. I was originally willing to pay for the extra fuel, but I got nothing but disappointment from the vehicle.