1997 Citroen ZX Audace 1.4 petrol


Great car for the price.


The valve guides oil retainers cristallized at 107000 so it consumed oil and of course, the exhaust oil burning smoke was evident... it seems to be a common problem on this 1.4 multi-point engine, because my sister and a friend both have the same car and the problem appeared at the same mileage.

Rear wheels bearings had to be replaced.

Front stability bar - suspension connectors had to be replaced, there was a little knocking on the front suspension.

Thermostat had to be replaced.

The last "bottle" of the exhaust had to be replaced because of the oxide.

Now, it seems like the CV joints will have to be replaced because of a knocking like hammering a wheel when turning with some degrees of inclination.

Replaced head gasket when changed the retainers.

General Comments:

Even if some parts may fail pretty soon, there are alternative replacement parts with amazingly low prices, this is a relatively old engine (the same used by Peugeot 205).

The car handles wonderfully in twisty roads, and that's because of it's micro-steering on the rear wheels.

Fuel Economy is very, very good, even if you keep the car under 2000rpm in city (13 km/l)...if want some fun, try to keep it over 3500rpm and it will give you some answer...

The aerodynamics are great allowing me to reach 120mph in highway (in an inclined part), I've reached 110mph in straight parts.

The car is very comfortable, well equipped for the price.

Also, this one has the bumpers painted, nice details as the chrome exhaust end, fog lamps, looks sporty.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2005

1993 Citroen ZX volcane 1.9i


A real sport car


The electrical system. I had spend much money to recovery it.

Not much autonomy with fuel.

Windows switches works badly.

Front lights supports broken.

General Comments:

This car is very nice to drive. First gear so powerful and it can take the car so fast.

Can turn in corners so fast even in third gear.

Powerful fifth gear.

Good Michelin tires. 185/65-14.

Smooth engine after 9 years since built.

Seats very comfortable, even back seats.

Very resistant to crash in backside. I had been crush by a Mercedes E300 Elegance, this car crush me on 100 kph.

The Mercedes results more complicated than mine.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2002