2006 Fiat Palio HLX 1.8 8v


Nice small car for the price if you don't mind the extra fuel expense


Right air vent went permanently closed, the wheel that opens the vent apparently disconnected from the air gate, fixed at dealer within two days, but they broke the piece and now doesn't fit right.

Occasional metallic sound when accelerating, apparently from the exhaust pipe, dealer didn't really fix that, they only told me there was nothing wrong. No damage to the exhaust line, I'm the only driver of the car, put a small rubber piece inside the rubber shock absorber of the pipe and the noise almost disappeared.

Reverse gear occasionally doesn't engage, second try or letting the car move a few centimeters fix the issue, haven't take it to dealer because of this yet.

General Comments:

Nice small car, third generation of the Palio, Brazilian made, Giugiaro restyled.

Nice car for the price, engine has guts on the torque department, but being an old 8v from the GM-Fiat alliance, it lacks more Hp, smoothness and fuel economy.

Its high setting makes it a little scary on curves, but safe for our bumpy roads.

HLX here is the higher equipment level, mine came with all the electric pack plus Air Conditioning, no ABS, EBD or Airbags. Fog lights, but no alloys. Factory speakers sincerely makes you feel nauseous. This bunch of cars didn't came with the original MP3 radio so no comments on that.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2007

2004 Fiat Palio ELX Sport Mk. III 1.2 16v Fire


A great economic, smooth and trust able car


The car is great, but it has 2 faults: the button of the driver power window is broken, but it's still working, and there's much vibration in the front suspension when I pass in a bump.

General Comments:

The experience with this model is until today, very nice.

The suspension is soft, as well as the gearbox, the power steering and the pedals. The engine and exterior noises are quite silenced in the cabin. Is a very "roomy" car, even considering that is one of the cars with less wheelbase measures (2.370m) ; the trunk is also spacious with 290 lts. and the possibility to extend to a total of 660lts with the rear seat folded.

The fuel consumption is quite okey (14,5 km/Lt - 6.9 l/100 in city traffic and 18 km/Lt - 5.5 l/100 en highway) and the economy is great with the 48 Lt fuel tank.

The brakes are OK; smooth and with a very fine line (but the cars tends to "sink" in the road).

This is a very equipped car for it's price. For M$4.990.000 (USD 9.230) -5 door version- has a 14" alloy wheels with pirelli P4 tires, power steering, power windows, central lock with alarm and fiat code system, trip computer, etc.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2005