1993 Fiat Uno Turbo ie 1.4 turbo


An Italian miracle, fastest for the money paid


Read the cars modifications and driving first.

* Surprisingly the clutch survived up to 44.000 kms.

* Electronic gas pump died twice: Once at 40.000 kms. and at 60.000 kms. (previous owner had the same problem at 20.000). I imagine the "over" chip had something to do with it.

* Front seats (driver) started to have problems (loosing strength) at 40.000 kms (other friend had the same problem).

* Gas mileage was steady 7.5 kms/liter, not bad for the speed.

General Comments:

This car had some modifications such as:

1. Over chip for the turbo.

2. Eibach rear suspension.

3. 6200 rpm limit was changed up to 7500 rpm. (in 3rd. 100 miles/hr (160kms/hr).

4. Front brake disc larger and vented.

5. Ansa tail. Momo 14 with Falken tires (175/60/14).

I went up to 235 kms/hr a couple times and several over 200. (225 on flat highway) 6.2-7.2 range for 0-100 kms/hr. I did run this car with any who wanted to. I was beat up only once by a Porsche 911 Turbo.

I paid USA$10800, and it was worthy every penny. I think I'll never I'll find a car like that one. So far all Fiat Turbos in my area have passed away.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2000